telos-Arthroscopic Pin­ (TAS®) (REF-No. 2500000)

The increasing demand for minimum invasive surgery of the joints on an in-patient and out-patient basis and also the dissatisfying results shown by patients with arthrosis in the years before possible prosthetic joint replacement had already led more than twenty-five years ago to the development of operative techniques enabling the so called “major surgery of the joint” to be postponed or even to be declared unnecessary. Surgery of the cartilage, especially with ACT (autogenous chrondocyte transplantation); mosaic-plasty according to Hangody (OATS) and also the implantation of carbon fibre pins for the stimulation of the growth of new cartilage have to be mentioned here.

Whereas ACT always requires two operations with costs going into five figures, both the other methods can be performed arthroscopically in one procedure (implantation of carbon pins) or by using mini-arthrotomy (OATS) with a considerable reduction in costs. The great advantage in using carbon pins lies, without doubt in the completely arthroscopic procedure and in the fact that no donor cartilage is necessary for filling in defective cartilage zones. On the contrary, carbon fibres stimulate chondroblasts which are, in turn, responsible for the development of new fibrous cartilage tissue. Long years of experience in Great Britain and also in Germany scientifically prove the very good results obtained from “benign surgery of the joints” with carbon fibre pins.

Instruments TAS® (Art.-Nr. 2500009)

Set of instruments to implant the telos- Arthroscopic pin (TAS)®.